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Assalamualaikum Kak Sarah,

Ape khabar? I’ll post the answer of your questions so that it will benefit all. Anyhow, as u aware, I’m not any expertise when come to education system, so just bear with me a mother who study the iqra’ system ranting on my opinion about iqra’ system.

In my opinion, iqra’ system is good cuz it have systematize the system according to books numbers, and it kind of phonics system where you don’t have to know the alphabets to read, but just read according to the sound of the teachers.The system are proven to help lots of CHILDREN can read Quran in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei within 6 month time. BUT,


1) Iqra’ system do need the teachers itself to be an excellent reader of the Al-Quran or the teacher itself have to learned from others the whole system before hand because if not, the teacher itself will makes the iqra’ system failed.

2) The teacher have to understand the whole system and objective of each of the books (simple system don’t worry :)),  so they will understand what they will teach according to student’s achievement rather than to finish the books.

3) The system really need individual one-to-one communication rather than classroom where everybody learn and jump up the book together. Thus, I proposed parents to enhance their self reading of Quran so they can help their children studying how to read quran at home.

4) From my experience teaching adults revert Muslim reading Qur’an, the iqra’ system is good tools for children who always learn things from repetitions and good at memorizing new alphabets of any language, but the adults have to start with a book or cassette which have the arabic alphabets with an introduction of its sound according to the rumi writings. They need that or they will be very blur when introduced to iqra’ system.


As you aware my dear, the IQRA’ SYSTEM consist of 6 books. There are lots of people (I know since I just search it through yahoo and google) writing of the system according to education people language. But, I’m writing this system according to books,  since i think that is the most important things to understand for anybody who wants to teach  the qur’an.

BOOK 1: The QURANIC alphabets of alif till ya sound according to baris are repeated many times in the first book to make student memorizing by repeatitions each of the Quran’s alphabets. The teacher have to teach the students according to its baris and NEVER memanjangkan bacaan huruf as it is not correlated to any form of mad tajweed. If we make it spoiled like kita memanjangkan bacaan huruf or did not correct the students on makhraj huruf, we are the people who creates confusion to the children especially when we reached book 3-6.

BOOK 2: As akak aware, our Al-Quran ayah are consist of words which is not in straightforward alphabetical form likes tulisan rumi. Although I must admit it formed arts of calligraphy, it also makes us to learn more of this sort of ‘new’ alphabets and be familiarize with it before we encounter the Quran. Thus, Book 2 of Iqra’ System introduces this familiarization to the children before they encounter  the Quran itself.


BOOK 3: One common mistakes when reading Quran is on the harkat. The one which have to be read without harakat and the one which with harkat. Sometimes, its not we don’t know the words should be read in short, or the words should be read in long; but we tend to forget when we read. In Iqra’ 3 the mad is introduced. With repetitions, children will easily get used to which words to be read in short and long form. Again, this book 3 is also very useful as a self-study for adults who want to enhance their reading on long/short harkat weakness.

BOOK 4: In book 4, students are now introduced to tanwin or also popularly known as baris dua an,in,un and sukun (baris mati.)Here, in introducing baris tanwin, they actually introducing izhar halqy and when introducing sukun, they actually introduces nun sakinah, mim sakinah and also qalqalah without the hassle of our time remembering all of those tajweed forms. Ah, but no worries since the student and also the teacher did not have to be an excellent one in tajweed literature to teach on these part. All the teachers need is to have the “i can read so that i can teach people to read”. In my opinion, its really great to have this practicality to any people whom objective is “i want to be able to read Quran” rather than I want to be a well-verse person in Quran Tajweed Literature thingy. Though, I have to admit Quran Tajweed Literature is not a waste chapter to study. Whomever studying it in the sake of Allah, of course Allah will granted them more.

BOOK 5&6: In book 5&6, more of tajweed thingy of Quran is introduced but again with practicality and not of long literature on tajweed. Basically the teacher need only to tell them if we encounter ‘like of this  sequence of tanda’ in the Quran, how to read it. Finishing book 5 & 6, the students should be able to read the Quran insyaAllah.

To me, Iqra’ system is sequencing the Quranic teaching to the students with practicality. At the end of Book 6, the students should be able not only to read the Quran but also correct in every form of tajweed manner.The system is very well sequence and really I salute Allahyarham Ustaz Hj As’ad Humam who must be very experienced in teaching Quran till he formed ways to make people learn very quick when attending the Quran. May Allah rewards him with jannah for his effort makes children across Asia able to read Quran.

Today, you can found many more versions of ways to read Quran, some even using flash cards and also cd/cassetes. Every system i may found it special in its own way but somehow, I think Iqra’ system is universal since it doesn’t have any native other than Quranic language introduced.

If I were to asked of opinions whether the Iqra’ system need to be revised for making room of improvement to make people learning curve quicker, I will say yes.


My revision suggestion will be:

1) To have each of the page CD/AUDIO from tahfeez students especially on the makhraj thingy since we people of ‘ajam are really not well-verse of makhraj the way tahfeez students did, so that the teacher may also learn before teaching the students.

2) To have flash cards of the BOOK 1 so the children will memorize quicker on each of Quranic alphabets

3) To have one introduction of phonic sound of each Arabic alphabets in 1 page before BOOK 1 to especially help the adults revert Muslim who are not as fast as children in catching up with new alphabets of new language

4) To have mind map system especially for book 4,5&6 so that when the children finish Book 6 and ready to read Qur’an, they will have quick references from the map if they forgot of how to read this kind of  tajweed annotations or ‘tanda baca’. This may not be of need to children who are quick at grabbing every new things but for adults revert Muslim, it will be kind of friendlier way of approach in reading Quran.

Oh, Kak Sarah if you ever to buy the Iqra’ book, pick new revised edition in the market. The one revised according to rasm uthmani by Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia.

I guess Kak Sarah, it will be that for now. Good Luck in teaching them of Quran. Surely Allah will grant you with lights for every alphabets you teach them to read. Amin.

This video is dedicated for you. He may not well-verse due to Iqra’ system but this child really touches my heart when he read Quran.I hope Allah will grant me children whom can read Quran the way he is. Amin.

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