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“Sharing is caring” – that is so far one of the strong reason for friends to always open their heart to one another. That is also one of the reason for a man to give mahar when they want to marry a woman. Its also a reason for parents to nurture their babies. All of them is an act of sharing to show caring.


The reason I’m writing this blog is I’m caring to my children future, my siblings future and all of world population in particular Malaysian Muslim, simply being I’m one of them. and simply because today’s bi’ah (environment) in my perspective is far from Al-Qur’an and hazardous to our iman and ukhrawi undertakings.


I hope with these writings,my Malaysian-Muslim community, my children in particular understand what I hope of them going to-be, and work for it. The results may be minimal, small coming from me but I believe hizbullah, people who works to strive for muttaqun are lots out there apart from me.


I may publish a wrong things during me being myself with me writing on my understanding of a particular subject far from my expertise.Thus, i hope there will be comments from all to make me also learning through me purely being me.


Twinkle-twinkle reading and twinkle-twinkle sharing 🙂


May Allah rewards us in the day only our deeds can save us.

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