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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh…

Apa khabar kengkawan…sekarang ni kat ofis tengah YEPR (Year End Performance Review) cycle. Uhuh…tak best langsung. Bagi sesiapa yang tak tau, YEPR cycle tu ialah cycle yang tengok our yearly performance. Saya secara jujur selalu berharap saya bekerja kat company yang tak perform YEPR tapi i never found one yet. Downzz 😦

Or at least one YEPR yang tulus suci dari hal-hal selain dari pekerjaan. In my opinion, YEPR ni kan kadang-kadang mcm involve ‘political office’ where you’ve to be known to your senior managers, general managers n whatever kind of managers. Tak cukup kalau cuma our manager yang memang boss kite tu je yang kenal kita dan menjadi saksi terhadap kerja kita. Oh, whats a life….


Kadang-kadang rasa bagus kan kalau kita tak perlu buat YEPR, cukup je malaikat yang bawak turun spesifik amalan kita waktu office hour tu tunjuk kat boss. Ha there you see… I really performing my job ok. Tapi kadang-kadang seram jugak kalau malaikat yang bawak turun spesifik amalan kita kat boss kita. Habis semua rasa tak puas hati kat sesiapa kat ofis terbongkar. Hoah. Agaknya sebab tu HR suruh creates YEPR sendiri-sendiri where in many cases menyebabkan orang-orang yang writing skills dia bagus menonjol even die tak delah perform pun that job. Huhuh. Itulah dunia dan tipu dayanya.

Pada tahun 2008 yang lepas, bulan Ramadhan jatuh pada 1 September menjadikan kita have long weekend untuk menyambut merdeka menurut kalendar Malaysia. Teringat perbualan saya dengan seorang Kristian US Citizen, “So what is your plan for your holiday?”.

“Oh nothing much…I just want to change everything. My hang curtains to clean curtains, the used bed sheets to clean bed sheets, mop the floors, clean the toilets, tidy up everything so I will be happier”

“And all of those for celebrating Merdeka?”

“Oh, you may say that. But, to be honest with you, I never that eager celebrating Merdeka. Actually, I just want to make my family happier in celebrating Ramadhan”

“It will be tiring month next month for everybody”

“Hehe. Maybe, but I don’t want it to be that way. Because we believed Ramadhan is a Holy Month. We celebrate it with digesting ourselves with affordable good deeds that we can. Erm, because we believed we will be rewarded more for every deeds we did in this Holy Month. Perhaps with that, we may enter heaven.”

“Perhaps I may see you in heaven in the after-life”

At that point, I felt a bit uncomfortable. Yelah, I may answer “Yah, I guess so” but it does means saya berbohong. Cemana kalau nanti kat akhirat dia menuntut pada Allah kerana saya tipu. Hoh…habislah…At last a bit awkward saya menjawab,”Erm I don’t mean to offend you (sambil angkat tangan tunjuk mintak maaf), but I don’t believe it that way”

“Perhaps it will be two heavens in the after-life world?” He laughed

“Haha. I’m sorry but I don’t believe it so”

“Yah, its really a sensitive issue on this topics. But I believe God is soooo huge you know. Soo huge that he cannot afford to look for everybody. That’s y at the end people may do whatever they want. And then that’s y come this Jesus to save us for God already neglect us”

Terbelalak mata saya sambil saya tanpa sengaja menggeleng-geleng kepala. “I’m sorry M. But I don’t believe God is like that. You see this OFM software. We are the user of this software. Then, sometimes we encounter problem with this software. What did you do? You contact customer service office right? Why did you care to contact them? Because we think they should know since they’re the engineers who made up this software right? I believed our God is soo clever to creates differentiation in everyone of us…like in our DNA and thumb prints?..which means I don’t believe He is a bad manager at all.

You must encounter soo many managers in your life.You see a good managers care for every staff under his supervisions and bad managers let their staff did whatever they want. You as a father have sets of regulations for your kids. Don’t this, don’t that. Why we do that? Because we want the best out of our children. I believe a good God have to sets regulations to make us a good human. That’s y i wear hijab. That’s y I’m fasting. I am doing all of it because I know my God sets the best rules ever. ”

He then looks at me and said, “Oh…I see your point. Hurm, when you want to go offshore then?”

Hah..tukar topicslah tuh.Hehe….

Sahabat, apabila melihat YEPR dari sudut ini, nak tak nak saya terpaksa mengakui YEPR adalah a good way to manage a company. It makes the president may observe performances of his staff and ensure quality deliverabilities out of his staff. Yalah, of course it wouldn’t be as perfect as catatan malaikat, and full of politicsal office, but we have to accept it as human error if we in the president shoes. “Boleh jadi kamu tidak menyenangi sesuatu, padahal itu baik bagimu. Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui” (AlBaqarah 2:216)

Setiap kali saya merasa unappreciated dari company tempat saya bekerja kerana overworked due to shortage of manpower dan tidak mendapat reward dari YEPR, saya selalu alhamdulillah merasa bersyukur diizinkan Allah lahir dan tetap sebagai Muslim. Kerana sebagai Muslim sekalipun saya tidak mendapat reward dari YEPR saya di dunia, Allah masih berjanji akan membalas setiap kebaikan sekalipun hanya sebesar zarrah, “Maka barangsiapa mengerjakan kebaikan seberat zarrah nescaya dia akan melihat balasannya” (Al-Zalzalah 99:7). “Hal jazaul ihsani illal ihsaan- Tidak ada balasan kebaikan kecuali kebaikan pula””(Ar Rahman 55:60). Alhamdulillahkan kawan-kawan sebab kita diizinkan Allah menjadi Muslim? 🙂

Sahabat, mari kita sama-sama meluruskan niat. Agar setiap amal menjadi ibadah dan bukan rutin. Dan agar kita lebih tenang melalui kehidupan dunia kerana percaya keniscayaan balasan akhirat.

Untuk akhirnya, buat Mr M, I dedicate this song for you. May Allah open your heart for Islam. Amin.

There were once some people who all saw their lives like empty boxes.
They looked around the world, collecting up the things they liked.
They filled their lives in boxes with the goodies that they gathered
And they all felt in control, content, and they all felt alright.
They climbed inside their boxes, they settled with their trinkets.
They neither looked, nor learned much more and closed their lids up tight.
Once they’d fastened up their boxes they smiled there inside,
and they all thought in their darkness that the world was clear and bright.
But the world is not a box.
There’s no lid, no doors, no cardboard flaps or locks,
and everything in nature from the clouds to the rocks
is a piece of the puzzle of the purpose of man.
It’s a piece of the peace of Islam.

Along came a wondering wise man whispering such words of truth,
who stumbled on these boxes, so separate side by side.
He knocked upon the first one saying, “Please come out and feel the day”
An answer came from deep within, “You’re not of us please go away.”
He approached the second box and tapped thrice on the lid saying,
“Peace to you inside, shall I show you a new way?”
Someone peeked out from a crack and said, “You may just have a point,
but it’s so comfy in my box, in my box here I will stay”
But the world is not a box.
There’s no lid, no doors, no cardboard flaps or locks,
and everything in nature from the clouds to the rocks
is a piece of the puzzle of the purpose of man.
It’s a piece of the peace of Islam

He stood before the final box, a hiding face peeked out to him,
and much to his surprise, he said “I recognize those eyes!
I see you and you see me, why not come out and be free?
Faith and flowers wilt and die if they are hidden from the sky!
`Cause the world is not a box.
There’s no lid, no doors, no cardboard flaps or locks,
and everything in nature from the clouds to the rocks
is a piece of the puzzle of the purpose of man
It’s a piece of the peace of Islam.

Now centuries lie between all the prophets and you and I.
Civilizations are born and die each and every day.
We see good and bad and happy-sad and mad mistakes
we wish we hadn’t made in our attempt to try and live up to their way.
But if we hide ourselves away, afraid to grow and learn,
we might wake up in the flames of the ignorance that burns,
and we’ll never be much more than only casualties of war
in a struggle we can’t win if we have no faith to begin.
We’ve got to tip the lid and let some sunlight in,
`Cause the world is not a box.
There’s no lid, no doors, no cardboard flaps or locks,
and everything in nature from the clouds to the rocks
is a piece of the puzzle of the purpose of man
It’s a piece of the peace of Islam.

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